Friday, November 14, 2008

sickness, scrapping and the weekend ...

We've all been sick at our house....AGAIN! Em started us off with what I thought was Asthma. But just as she was starting to get better, I came down with it. Bronchitis! And on top of the Bronchitis, I had badly infected ears and throat. Talk about miserable. I was down for a full week. Ended up having to stay home from work. But I'm feeling a heap better now. Then yesterday DH has come home from work feeling sick. I'm over all the sickness. We've had a bad year of it. Let's hope we have smooth sailing through Christmas and into the New Year.

Here's a couple of new digi layouts!

Credits: here

Credits: here

Credits: here

Credits: here

Hope you all have a great weekend. We have DDs dancing concert this weekend. Classes and practice tomorrow....and then a big day on Sunday with 2 concerts.

Whatever you're up to, hope you have fun!

Catch ya later,
Di xx

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