Monday, November 17, 2008

we got through the weekend ...

Well what a massive weekend. Saturday was taken up with DDs dancing classes in the morning, and 5 hours of concert practice in the afternoon/early evening.

Then Sunday was the BIG day. DD had her dancing concert - we got to the theatre at around 11am, and didn't get home till around 10pm. It was a full-on production. 4 costume changes (including a quick change on the side of the stage), 2 shows that lasted nearly 4 hours each. A bit of overkill for a 7 year old, I think....but she loves it!

It was such a big weekend that Emma slept till 11am this morning...and I've taken the day off work.

Here's a couple of pics:

She's the one to the left of the 2nd boy from the right...LOL!

And in full flight:

And here's a snap of Emma with Renee's daughter, Grace:

Catch ya later,
Di xx

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