Wednesday, August 13, 2008

warning...warning....long post ahead!

Well I'm looooonnnnnggggg overdue for an update. So humble apologies in advance for the length of the post. Promise I'll be a better a bogger in the coming months.
  • Had a great holiday...although it seems so long ago now. The weather was yuck...and very cold...but we still had a great time. Had some nice long walks, and a couple of visits to the park on the days it wasn't raining. Made it to the indoor pool the day it rained. And caught up with some friends for lunch and dinner. It was really funny being at the house without mum & dad being there.

    Here's some pics of what we got up to.

  • Had a disaster at Scrapbook Savvy the week I got back. I managed to somehow delete ALL the store products. We're talking nearly 4000 products! You can imagine how distressed I was. And to top it all off, my hosting company had incomplete back-ups.

    Well the good news is I have a life-saver in Gabbie (my trusty web designer). She had a back-up from about 4 months ago when we did a major upgrade. It has taken the last 3-4 weeks to reconcile all the stock, and I'm just about finished. Just one or two categories of stock still to restore. So if you've been to the store, and have found some things missing....they're nearly all back. Thanks for hanging in there.

  • The excitement through all this turmoil...was that I got a place at the Heidi Swapp Create '08 class at Brisbane in December. WOO HOO! I can't believe I am actually going to be in the same room with Heidi. Love her...and her stuff! It's going to be a little mini Savvy get together - I'm heading up with Renee, and we're going to meet the other Renee up there. Shame that Sarah, Kerryn and Julie can't make it this time. Mel is going to the Melbourne Day. Flights are booked...and now the big wait till December till we actually go.

  • DD lost her left front tooth on 20July, then her right front tooth on 24July. Talk about drama. I'm sure she would have won an Academy Award if anyone had seen her. So now we've got a walking toothless wonder. LOL!

  • Had DD sick with both Tonsilitis and Asthma last week. She woke up saying she wasn't well (but that's pretty much a daily routine in our house). Well I sent her off to school as I do every other day. School called at 11am to say her class were doing high jump and she didn't feel well. I knew there was something she didn't want to do that day. I asked them to sit her out for a while, and then re-join the class a little later. Well at 12.30pm I got another call to say she was back at sick bay, and would I collect her. Needless to say...I was feeling a little like an unsympathetic mother when the doc told me she had red raw tonsils, and was weazing as well. I could have crawled into her backpack with guilt!

  • We had a great Cybercrop over the weekend, and I got some time to scrap...YAY! Renee did a great job in hosting, and put up some fun challenges to complete. I managed to complete another digi layout of my DH. It was a sketch challenge - the first time I've done a digi layout from a sketch. I'm really pleased with the result.

  • * Kim Hill Papers-In the Garden (tan/stripes/blue/scalloped edge)
    Kim Hill-In the Garden bracket, heart, hat pin, checklist,
    brown swirl rubon criss cross, ric rac and straight stitching

  • I've been busy ordering new product for the store. It amazes me how much new stuff comes out every CHA. I love to drool....but it's a bit of overkill I think! And I'm still getting stuff delivered from the CHA that was held in Feb. It often takes a long time to arrive in OZ. I've managed to order some of this CHA product it should be arriving in the next couple of weeks.

  • DD had her athletics carnival at school yesterday. So proud. She came 4th out of 8 runners. We had to laugh though, she doesn't have a competitive streak in her body. No clue about what a race is all about. So here I was explaining to her last night, that she needs to run towards the final line as fast as she can...and that you don't stop to wave to anyone and everyone who wants to wave. That she needs to concentrate on her running, and getting to that final line. That if anyone shouts GO EMMA! that's just encouragement...and doesn't mean she should look around and wave! That's what she did last year. So something must have sunk in....cause she was so focussed.

Well that's about got me up to date (as of today). The store being out of action has taken up nearly all of my time in the last few weeks. It's certainly something I never want to go through again!

Hope you've all had a great few weeks. Look forward to catching up on your blogs soon.

Catch ya later,
Di xx

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Sarah Schwerin said...

Love your digi layout Diane! It looks awesome! You should submit it to the mags.
Congrats to DD!
Love your new look blog too! :)

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