Friday, August 15, 2008

i got mail......

Have a lookey at what just arrived in the post for me!
How gorgeous are these?

My cyber-friend Gabbie has started making candles, and moi along with Phillipa from Lime Tart are the lucky ones to be chief testers.

Well let me just tell you......they look good enough to eat and my house is full of delicious cinnamon and caramel smells.'s making me hungry.

And they're just too gorgeous to light. But that's my job. I need to give a full review! I just can't decide which one to light first....LOL!

Catch ya later,
Di xx

1 comment:

Sarah Schwerin said...

Oh Yuuuuuuum! You lucky thing! They look good enough to eat! I can't believe they're candles!

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