Saturday, July 5, 2008

we're off on a short family break

You know, when DH said we needed a break I said I was too busy. But now it's here, I'm really looking forward to it.

This is where we're going. To mum & dad's house at Sussex Inlet on the South Coast of NSW. It's a nice location....even in the middle of winter.

I've got my pile of tax folders to take. Don't want to leave everything till the last minute this hope to get a chance to get things ready for the accountant.

And I'd like to do some more digital scrapping. Haven't done anything for a couple of weeks really need to catch up.

The weather's meant to be yukky for the next it might mean lots of indoor time. But that's fine too. DD has packed Monopoly, heaps of videos and some books to read...just in case.

If I don't get to post while I'm away, will add lots of pics when we get back.

Catch ya later!


KerrynF said...

Hey Diane, I finally have answered your questions. I nearly forgot, lucky I came to see if you had loaded any photo's yet LOL!!


Wow thats a gorgeous pic there di.. glad u got to take the much needed holiday.. cant wait to see the pics...

Wendy said...

Hi Diane,

this is my first time on your blog and I am dumb founded and agasp that you have me down as an inspirational scrapper....THANKS for the vote of confidence.

Loving the Savvy site and all the challenges each month...truely motiviating

Kylie said...

that looks nice..might have to tell dh about this place

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