Thursday, July 3, 2008

i've been tagged exciting. I've never been tagged before.
Thanks Karen.

So here's what happens. You answer questions about yourself, then at the end of your post, tag 4 other people, leaving a message on their blog to say they've been tagged. And also let the person who tagged you know that you've answered their questions. So here's the questions:

Question 1: Ten years ago.......I was deperately trying to fall pregnant. Was 7 years down the track with IVF...and still no luck! Not many more goes...and it was about give up time! I'm thrilled to say we now have a gorgeous 7yr old daughter, who is just a delight! Well, most of the time!

Question 2: Five things on todays 'to do' list: Packing orders (half way there), reading with Emma's class this afternoon, Kmart toy sale (tick), finishing the Scrapbook Savvy newsletter (more than half way there), ironing (haven't even started...and have 4 baskets full...yikes!)

Question 3: Snacks I enjoy: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...well is there anything else...LOL!

Question 4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire: you know....I'd probably not do much different than I do today. I really like where I'm at. I wouldn't have to work, and could spend more time at Scrapbook that would be nice. And it would be great not to have a mortgage....but I think life would be pretty much as it is.

Question 5: Places I have lived: Sylvania, Miranda, Sylvania Waters, Rushcutters Bay, London, Carlton, Wattle Grove!

and so I tag:
Kerryn, Kylie, Heather, and Michelle

Hope you'll play along.

Catch ya later!


Karen said...

Thanks for playing Di :)

*** Kylie*** said...

Okay Di..I have answered my tagging..hehe...check it out over on the blog..

Heather said...

How exciting Di, will have to go and play tag on my blog now! Thanks for that. Oh, and congrats on your daughter, that is no small achievement - in stamina alone! I know. I didn't get anywhere with my IVF, but I did manage to adopt, eventually. So glad for you that it worked. Yay!

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