Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day!

What a great day we've had today. I got to have a nice sleep-in...then was woken with hugs and kisses from my gorgeous girl. She'd made heaps of cards at school, a photo frame which was decorated with stickers, and she bought me some slipper socks at the Mother's Day stall.

I got a huge arrangement of flowers, and the obligatory slippers as well.

We had brunch at Gecko's at Brighton-Le-Sands (down by the beach), and I had my favourite Eggs Benedict...yum, yum. I don't have it very often, and it's certainly something I would never cook at I do enjoy it whenever we go out! My girlfriend Jackie joined us as well, so it was a really nice catch-up!

Had a nice quiet afternoon, catching up with some Photoshop tutorials. Then my wonderful husband cooked roast beef for dinner....complete with Yorkshire Pudding. How special is that!

I hope all you mother's have enjoyed your special day as well!


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