Sunday, January 8, 2012

{simple things sunday}

Holy witchcraft and wizardry!  LOL!  Aidan and Em went to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse today, with Em's friend Amelia and her dad.  Long, long queues, but a great exhibition is how they described it!

I stayed home to catch up some long overdue washing, ironing and a general clean-up.  I must say, I've let things slip over the Christmas hols.

Anyway, I snapped this cute pic of my dog, Cody, while I was taking a break.  He's such a sooky dog, has to be right with you all the time.  He's at my feet if I'm walking around, and if I sit down, he's either sitting 'on' my feet, or right beside me on the couch.  So here he is on the couch.  Just look at that face.

Gotta love that face!



Cyndie said...

What a cute boy! I ♥ doggie pictures!!

Lou Belcher said...

Yep, Cody's got it all goin' on. Very cute picture.


Alison said...

What a cutie...and I would LOVE to go to a HP exhibition!
Alison xx

rebecca said...

very sweet photos Di! :) thanks for sharing with us.

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