Monday, January 16, 2012

{simple things sunday} except it's monday!

I'm a day late posting this week.  We're still in the midst of summer school holidays, and life is busy, busy, busy!  Not to mention that Aidan has been sick since Saturday morning.  Poor thing headed to the doctors today.  Nothing major is wrong, but he just needs to take things easy for the next few days.

So our Sunday was spent at home again.  This picture is of our cat Tigger.  He's a gorgeous old man.  Nearly 16 years old now!  He's only got three legs, but manages really well.  And it's very rare to see him inside, but it's been a bit cold and windy, so a nice cuddle on the arm of the lounge is nice on a day like that.

A rare shot of our cat Tigger



AJ said...

What a beautiful shot!

rebecca said...

he's so beautiful! great shot Di! :)

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