Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've been offline for a while!

But gosh...I didn't realise it was nearly a month.

Sometime in October, we started having issues with our Internet Service Provider.  Page uploads were getting slower and slower, and file downloading was becoming impossible....even though we were on an unlimited plan and had done all the usual things like clearing our cache and history etc!  We'd been with the same company for over 11 years, and had been very happy with them, but decided it was time for a change!

So we bit the bullet, and have moved to Optus!  It's taken a while to get everything switched over, but so far, so good!  Everything is working great.  The speed is fantastic, and their customer service has been second to none!  So if you are looking for a recommendation, you've got it!

I'll be back to my Thirty Days of me soon.  And I hope to have a mini kit for you to download very soon too!  Stay posted.


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