Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 of 30

Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago.

You know, it was really hard for me to find a photo of myself taken 2 years ago.  I think I found only two that I would call 'suitable'.  How sad is that?  I'm always on the other side of the camera, by choice!  But I really must do something about this phobia I have, otherwise, when I'm will remember what I looked like!

I don't mind this picture taken in May 2009.  Aidan and I were on a date night, and mum & dad had come over to look after Emma.  My hair was a nice length (and not so grey), and I had my face on!  LOL!

Thirty Days of Me - full list

1 comment:

Alison said...

Great pic of you...I'm like you-hardly on the other side of the camera through choice!
Alison xx

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