Monday, September 28, 2009

busy weekend, we've got sickness, and fancy pants...

Em has been home from school today with an upset tummy and diarrhoea. The poor darling has just been lying around, feeling really sorry for herself ... and a temp up around 39 degrees hasn't helped. I just hate to see her sick. I just hope the rest of us manage to escape it.

We had a busy weekend. Em had a gym comp on Saturday afternoon, and came 4th overall in her stage - 2nd on the vault, and 4th on the floor, beam and bars! Go girl! Then we went out to dinner with our friends, the Stokes. Love seeing the kids enjoying each other's company so much.

We spent Sunday around the house. Aidan washed the windows, and I took the opportunity to take down the curtains and wash them. After all the dust and winds we've had over the last week, it was nice job to do. I also started the big clean up of Em's bedroom. It's amazing how much a kid of 8 can accumulate. Still a bit to do, but I'll leave that for next weekend.

On the scrapping front, I've had a bit of lost mojo. So not much to share. But I have heard some exciting news today...Fancy Pants are opening a store, and plan on selling some of their more popular lines as digital. I'm over the moon. I love Fancy Pants. Here's the blog link if you want to go and check it out.

Well that's about it from me. I'll leave you with a couple of pics from Em's gym comp.

Till next time,
Di xx

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