Friday, August 22, 2008

omg....i'm freaking freezing......

It's 1.14pm in Sydney on Friday afternoon and it's freaking cold. I just had to get up to check the thermometer...and it's 10.8 degrees celsius. Now I know it's winter....but it's mid-August. Spring is just around the corner. I think this winter is the coldest I can remember.

I like the cold....but not this cold.
Bring on the warmer weather!

Catch ya later!
Di xx


Karen said...

Maybe I brought the cold with me form Goulburn :)

Julie H said...

I am totally over winter - bring on Spring!!!
I'm up north where it's not supposed to get chilly - but the last two weeks have been freezing!!
Love the new blog design Di.

chat soon
Julie xx


i hate hate hate the winter Di always have and im hanging out for summer.. thats when my walking regime is SUPPOSE to start lol.. fingers crossed on that one...


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