Sunday, August 24, 2008

men and bunnings

What is it with men and bunnings? Do you think it's something like a girl getting lost in a scrapbooking megastore? We managed to make 2 trips there this weekend. DH is looking for a new finial for our roof. What's that you ask....well it's the little wood bit that finishes off the gable....we have a federation style house. You see, the current one fell down about 3 weeks ago. So off we all go, looking for the finial. Up and down all 52 aisles in bunnings...looking, looking. I suggest that we go and ask what aisle finials might be in....but no...that would be too sensible.

Long story cut short. We don't find the finials....but we do find a new door bell, and some new knobs for the bathroom cupboard doors, and an esky (that we don't really need)..but it was on special. Of course!

Doorbell problem....DD finds out that one of the songs it plays is 'It's a Small World' ...... so guess what plays every time someone rings the door. Not sure how long it's going to's already driving me nuts. But DD loves it.

The new knobs look great on the bathroom cupboard doors.

The esky is sitting on the garage floor...and probably will still be in the same spot this time next year...LOL!

And we don't have a new finial. Oh well.....I can see another Bunnings journey happening very soon!

Catch ya later,
Di xx


Charmaine said...

isnt that just typical Di...and they say us women are bad:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. People have been so nice about my entry!
Can so relate to "Men and hardware/tool stores". They so must = scrap shops!! LOL!

Wasn't the finial in the old days the thing that was supposed to ward off evil spirits?? Don't know where I heard that but it was a long time ago!

See you are Savvy soon! I must check out the challenges this month!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I think it's hard to find anything in Bunnings because it is so large and it's also hard to find someone to help.

Do you enjoy your trips to Bunnings or would you rather your husband just goes on his own?


id like to ban my hubby from bunnings but i couldnt take the risk of scrap shopping being banned.. lol..


bunnings said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha, That's always our problem, My wife and i go there for one small thing and come out an hour later loaded up with goodies, no money left in the wallet and still havn't got the original thing we were after...

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