Friday, June 13, 2008

naughty blogger!

I've been busy, busy, busy! But that's life! So I'm posting a bullet list to do a quick catch-up.

  • had a fabby birthday back on June 6. Lots of lovely presents, catch up with family & friends and a couple of meals out. It's you get older...yoúr birthday seems to drag on for days! I was super spoiled from the Scrapbook Savvy DT girls. Got a voucher for Gold Class at the movies, a westfield voucher, and some gorgeous hand-made cards. WOW, I was bowled over, and had a little cry-I was so touched! The big decision now I take DH and compromise on the film I see....or do I take a GF, and see Sex in the City...LOL! I think my GF will win this one...LOL!

  • Went to the Quilt & Craft Show at Darling Harbour with Renee on Wednesday. It was a good day out...but a little disappointing that there wasn't much in the way of papercraft stands. Still, we did manage to get some really cute embroidery kits. Not that I know when I'm going to have the time to do them. Oh well! Will keep you posted.

  • My favourite TV show has snuck back onto the screen...without me knowing. It's Amazing Race....have any of you seen it? Think I love it so much as I love to travel - so love seeing where the show takes the contestants...but more so, I love to watch how the relationships develop between everyone while they are under incredible stress! Think I might have been a psychologist in a previous life...LOL! And I'm going to audition...if they ever bring it to Australia. Maybe I should suggest that they do an international version...and take couples from each country. LOL. I think this is AR12 we have on our screens if any of you Americans are reading this...I don't want to know the winner!

  • Scrapbook Savvy Cybercrop starts tonight at 8.00pm SYD time. Its a Friday 13th VERY afraid! Click here for all the details.

Catch ya later!
Di xx

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