Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LSNED: September 14

I've got a new banner!  Nice, isn't it!  Thanks Shimelle.

Today I was filled with happiness for my daughter!  She's had a really rough year!  There has been bullying at school (which finally seems to be settling down), and she's had a planter wart on her foot since March that just won't go away...despite serious actions by both the doctor and podiatrist.  Add to that the usual bouts of colds and Asthma and it's a year I'm looking forward to being behind us in many ways!

I had been invited to her school assembly to watch  her being presented with her Silver Badge for good behaviour!  They need to get 25 ticks on their behaviour card to move from Green to Bronze, and another 25 ticks to move from Bronze to Silver, so she has done well to make silver by September, as ticks are quite hard to come by.

Anyway, as I arrived, she was already up on the stage being presented with another surprise award.  It was the class merit award for being a good role model.  How awesome is that!

And when she came home from school, she told me she has been nominated as a prefect for next year!  WOW....three good news stories in one day!  I'm just so delighted for her.  It's the boost she has needed for a long time.

Today's I learnt that watching my daughter's pride in her achievements is worth more than anything in the world.


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