Saturday, September 10, 2011

LSNED: September 10

We've had the most awful day weather-wise in Sydney today.  It's September, yet today was more like  the middle of winter.  I think the temperature got to only 15 degrees...and we've all been back in our winter clothes.  We've had soup for lunch, and jacket potatoes for dinner....that gives you an idea of how cold it is.  It's been one of those days to stay inside, and do absolutely nothing!  But we've had fun just being together. 

Today I learnt that it is OK just to have fun hanging around at home...enjoying each other's company.  Watching movies and playing games.  And that a tickle and a good belly laugh is the BEST!



Juliann said...

I struggle with this when the weather is nice, I feel like I should be out and about but want to be at home. Funny stuff.

Alison said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog, Di...have had a quick look through your lessons...all good ones!
Alison xx

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