Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still Alive ...

Boy. It's been a while. No excuse other than life has been busy....and I guess that's the way you want it, isn't it!

Weather has turned decidedly cold, too cold for Sydney, but it's great weather to be inside and catch up on all those chores that need to be done.

So what has been happening in the last few months:
  • I've had a birthday, and celebrated with some special friends
  • I've been featured in Scrapbooking Memories - Portrait of a Digi Scrapper (Vol13.No7)
  • I've had 3 more layouts published
  • Aidan has been volunteering at AbbaWorld at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  • He has also been to Bangkok to catch up with some old school friends
  • Emma has started playing Netball on the weekends. She loves it, and won Player of the Week 2 weeks ago
  • She's been busy with friends, playdays, sleepovers...having lots of fun!
I'm in clean-out mode, and am trying madly to clear out cupboards and wardrobes, and generally de-clutter! Both Aidan and Em are hoarders! I used to be, but 3 in the one family is just way too much! My word this year is Simplify...and I see de-cluttering as a major part of that. It's June, so I think by the end of the year I should just about have got through everything I need to.

I'll leave you with some layouts I've created with this week's new releases. Each layout is linked to the designer's product in their store.

Using Reach For the Sky by Lyndsay Riches

Using Little Mr Tough Guy by Amy Stoffel

Using Summer Afternoon by Nikki Epperson

Using Sorbet by Litabells Designs


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Michelle said...

Hello Di, I'm just reading your artical in Scrapbooking memories and thought i would take a look at your blog while i download yet another scrapbooking kit haha. Love your work by the way. if you would like to come see some of my work pop over to


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