Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to Normal Broadcasting!

We're back from holiday. Don't think I mentioned it before we headed off. We had planned to drive to the Gold Coast in Queensland, but with all the bad weather, there have been multiple road closures, so it just wasn't worth taking the risk.

We flew to Brisbane instead, and had a great day with my brother Matt before driving down to Hope Island.

It was a great week! Lots of sun, lots of fun and lots of action packed days. We got to meet family we hadn't yet had the pleasure of meeting, Emma got to play with a seal, and we watched a movie while swimming at Wet N Wild.

I'm feeling like I need a holiday now! Isn't that the way! And I think it will take a day or two to the washing and ironing done!

Oh well....off to dream about the next holiday. I'll be back with pictures laters.


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