Monday, January 3, 2011

And for something completely different...

It's been 20 degrees today, and was even cold enough for me to put a cardigan around my shoulders. What's with this weather. No wonder there is so much sickness around. Too hot one day, too cold the next....hmmmmm!

We headed out for lunch today at Macarthur. Aidan got a JB HiFi gift card for Christmas, and wanted to see if he could spend some of it. I took the chance to head off to Mum & Dad's for a visit. Nice to catch up with them.

Well today is officially the last holiday day of the Christmas period for us. Some offices will be re-opening tomorrow, and that means more traffic on the road. I've enjoyed the summer road hiatus. It has only taken a 20 minute journey to work instead of the usual 1 hour 10 minutes. And the office has been so quiet, I've managed to get more work done than I expected.

We still have another 4 weeks of school holidays though. So things won't actually get back to normal for me for a while. Emma is off to a 3 day Tennis Camp with her girlfriend on Wednesday. She's really looking forward to it.

I am already behind in my scrapping commitments, so I best go do something!


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Lita said...

We've had CRAZY weather down here too! We hit over 40 here on Friday - not what I'd call pleasant lol
Enjoy your scrapping time!

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