Friday, January 28, 2011

30 Days of Blogging - Day 1

I found this awesome idea over at Jenn's blog about 30 Days of Blogging. The original idea was from a Scrap Matters thread that you can read here. I'm going to give it a shot...but can't promise I'll be able to post everyday - but I'll do my best to complete the 30 days worth of prompts...even if it means I have to combine a couple of days. Here's the complete list:

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3-Your first love
Day 4-Your parents
Day 5-Your favorite recipes
Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9-A picture of your friends
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite TV shows
Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-A picture you love
Day 15-Bible verse
Day 16-Dream house
Day 17-Something you're looking forward to
Day 18-Something you regret
Day 19-Something you miss
Day 20-Nicknames
Day 21-Picture of yourself
Day 22-What's in your makeup bag
Day 23-Favorite vacation
Day 24-Something you've learned
Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26-Picture of your family
Day 27-Pets
Day 28-Something that stresses you out
Day 29-3 Wishes
Day 30-a picture here's where I start....Day1 I have to tell a bit about me, add a recent picture and tell 15 interesting facts.

A bit about me. Well I'm Di (was born Diane...but no-one calls me that these days). I live in Sydney with my husband Aidan, and we have a 10yr old daughter Emma. I'm known as scrappy*di around digiland. And here's a recent picture

And here's my 15 interesting facts. Well, I'm not sure that they're that interesting...but they are!

  1. I met my husband in the UK. I'd moved to London to study Drama, but got a transfer to Qantas up there so I had an income to support myself. He was working there, and we became freinds. Friendship turned to romance, and the rest as they say is history.
  2. I'm seriously addicted to reality TV. Amazing Race is probably my fave. But I love Idol, Masterchef, Escape to the Country, The Mole (when it was on)
  3. I love soppy, girly, chick-flicks. Love Actually is one of my all time favourite movies, along with Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yes...I'm an Audrey Hepburn fan too!
  4. I'm addicted to coffee! But I am seriously trying to cut back this year.
  5. Chocolate is my friend! But I am seriously trying to cut back this year. Do you see a pattern happening here...LOL!
  6. My favourite colour is pink.
  7. I work part-time for Qantas Airways, working out the airfares to charge between Europe & Australia and Africa & Australia. It's the best job I've had in a long time.
  8. I love most genres of music and can often be heard singing at the top of my voice.
  9. I adore being a mum, and always wanted to have a large family...but life doesn't always turn out as you plan. We have one gorgeous princess who came into our lives quite unexpectedly after 9 years of infertility and much heartache!
  10. I have one brother who is 7 years younger than me. So I grew up as an only child for the formative years of my life. I definitely have 'only child' tendancies...LOL!
  11. I want to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  12. I have 5 piercings, but no tatoos.
  13. I love to travel, and have been lucky enough to travel to every continent in the world.
  14. The farthest I have been from home is Iceland.
  15. My iphone is my friend!
So there it is. I've just realised that I am a couple of days behind everyone else, so I am going to try and do a bit of a catchup tomorrow.



Jenn (jk703) said...

I love it Di! It was fun to read more about you! Sounds like a cool way to meet your DH! We'll be combining days together!

Sandra said...

Welcome to the journey! I loved reading your interesting facts! I wish I could go to Iceland!

Haynay said...

I am so glad you have joined us!?!? Loved reading more about you!

dtahphotography said...

I am also in on the journey. Can't w8 to read more!!

Tanya said...

5 piercings?! That's a surprise

Capture.Record.Scrap said...

Hi, Di it's great to get to know you..:D Can't wait to read more about you!

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