Monday, August 24, 2009

busy weekend and a new kit ...

I was so pleased I finally got to see Aidan's play on Saturday night. He's really enjoying the creative side of performing, and it's great that he has the opportunity to do so with this little company. It was like a trip down memory lane, as one of the main characters was a Teacher's Aide at the high school I went to. Such a small world.

Em had a dance performance at the local bunnings store on Sunday. She did really well, and the group performed so well together. Very slick! They have a new dance costume - orange microfibre cargo pants with an orange trimmed white hoodie vest...noice! But really...they do look great dancing alltogether. When I get the pics out of the camera I'll upload for you to see.

Renata has had a new release over the weekend. Tutti Frutti is bright and fun...and suited some pics that I had of Em perfectly. The kit is available at Pretty Scrappy and Inspiration Lane and if you are quick, you can pick it up for $3.49...that's 30% off.

Till next time,
Di xx

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